Rhythms of Change: North Carolina's Música Latina

Profiles: Carlos de Souza

A native of Brazil, Carlos de Souza came to North Carolina to work in the high tech sector. After he had been here a few years, his doctor told him he had to find a way to relax in order to stay healthy. Tapping into his musical background as a way to deal with stress, he formed the group, Samba Jovem, in 2009.

"I didn't know he was so good," said his wife, Denise, who sings and dances with the band.

As the Samba Jovem got more popular they realized they needed to expand their repertoire to appeal to North Carolina's diverse audiences. The willingness to experiment with different forms of music has long been part of the DNA of Brazilian music and Samba Jovem is no exception.

Carlos talks here about that mixing of genres.

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