Rhythms of Change: North Carolina's Música Latina

Profiles: A conversation with Ricardo Granillo

Ricardo Granillo chuckles when he hears himself called the grandfather of Latin music in North Carolina. But his bands and a 23-year stint as host of WSHA's Latin music program have put him at the center of this music scene.

Ricardo came to San Francisco from El Salvador at the age of 9 and joined the school band. "I didn't understand a word of English so it was hard to understand the teacher. That's where I developed my ear."

Playing in Bay Area Latin rock, jazz, and salsa bands extended his musical education and prepared him to act as a catalyst for Latin music once he arrived in North Carolina in 1987.

Strumming guitar blues riffs, Ricardo shared his experiences and some thoughts on Latin music in North Carolina.

1. The beginning 2. The first gig
4. A unique sound
3. Salsa Carolina calling

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