Rhythms of Change: North Carolina's Música Latina

Musician Profiles

The Latin sound of North Carolina is made up of musical influences from all over Latin America. The reasons the musicians came are as varied as their individual talents and musical styles. The reason they stay is maybe best stated by Salvadoran bass player, Ricardo Granillo.

"When I first moved here in 1987 there weren't any Latin bands. There weren't any Latinos. But I liked this area because I always felt it was really open. It was conservative but people were open to accept what was coming. Now people are coming here from all over the world."

Pavelid Castañeda

Llanera music from the plains of Colombia and Venezuela

Ricardo Granillo
El Salvador

A conversation with the grandfather of Latin music in North Carolina

David Sovero

David's group, Ameri-Kantu', plays Andean music from Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Chile

Carlos Salvo

Musical poetry from the Chilean tradition of Trova, or Nueva Canción.

Carlos de Souza

Start with samba, throw in some Beatles and bluegrass and see what happens

Guillo Carías
Dominican Republic

Flugelhorn, piano, vibes, clarinet, and now steel drums. "Musicians, I don't think we ever retire."

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