Rhythms of Change: North Carolina's Música Latina

Profiles: David Sovero

David Sovero came to North Carolina ten years ago from Peru, setting up a painting and jewelry studio in Hillsborough.

David plays the zampoña, or pan flutes, which he says he had difficulty learning. The breakthrough came at age 17 when a girlfriend gave him a flute and told him to keep trying. He practiced constantly to learn a song to impress her. After that, he says, the learning came easy.

The girl's gift had long-term resonance.

"I've always loved this music and I'm glad I'm playing now. It is a universal gift...I will always say thank you to her."

His zampoña, or flutes, are made from bamboo from the Puno region of Peru . This area on the shores of Lake Titicaca is credited as the birthplace of Andean music.

David formed the Andean music group, Ameri Kantu', that consists of the following members:

David Sovero: zampoña and drums (Peru)
Cesar Cortes: guitar (Peru)
Jacob Cortes: charango (Peru)
Guillermo Salmea: guitar and voice (Ecuador)

David Sovero plays a zampoña in his artist studio in Hillsborough, NC.

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