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Profiles: Carlos Salvo

Carlos Salvo writes and plays music in the style of the Nueva Canción Chilena (New Chilean Song) or Trova genre that came out of Chile in the 1960's.

Victor Jara was the original trovador whose death at the hands of the Chilean military junta in 1973 sparked world-wide outrage.

Pete Seeger said of Victor Jara "As long as we sing his songs, as long as his courage can inspire us to greater courage, Victor Jara will never die."

Carlos Salvo lists playing with Pete Seeger, many years after the death of Victor Jara, as one of the great moments of his life.

As a boy growing up in Chile, Carlos was encouraged by his father to learn music. He still remembers the time when he was 9 years old and heard the great Cuban trovador, Silvio Rodriguez perform. It made a lasting impression and helped set his course as a trovador.

Carlos is also a sculptor, jewelry designer, and boat builder.

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