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Mexican Regional Music: Rey Norteña

Norteña music, coming from the Mexico’s northern states, hence the name, is the most popular of the regional styles in North Carolina. Part of this is due to the fact that many Norteña songs reflect the plight and concerns of immigrants. They talk about the perils of border crossing, leaving loved one’s behind, and struggling to adapt to a foreign culture.

The North Carolina group Rey Norteña produced a hit song in 2006 that turns the tables on the traditional Norteña immigrant road song. Lead singer and guitarist, Fred Huerta, wrote Raleigh, a song that celebrates life and love in North Carolina with a lament about leaving that behind.

"Raleigh, North Carolina, I carry you in my heart."

"Raleigh, I know that I owe you a lot/
Goodbye, I know I will miss you/
And I know that when I can I'll be back."

The group’s popularity has continued to grow as they play local festivals as well as opening for major artists like multi-Grammy winning, Mexican singer, Joan Sebastian.


Lead singer and guitarist, Fred Huerta (right) with Isreal Rodriguez on bass
Santiago Rodriguez's accordian playing gives the group a unique sound with Alex Reyes on drums
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