Mexican Music: Son Jarocho

In early February the town of Tlacotalpan in the coastal lowlands of Veracruz celebrates two festivals simultaneously.

One is a celebration of Son Jarocho, the traditional music of the region. Musicians, writers, and dancers from the surrounding area converge for three days of nonstop music and poetry. Every group or perfomer who shows up is guaranteed a few minutes on the stage. But the music goes on long after the last official performance as people gather on streetcorners and in the parks to play, sing, and dance together until dawn.

The second is a celebration of the town's patron saint, the Virgin of Candelaria. This celebration draws the religious faithful as well as partygoers who come for the running of the bulls and horse parades that accompany the religious activities.

The mix of of the two festivals adds up to a glorious event that is a unique expression of Jarocho culture.

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