Mexican Music: La Huasteca

The Huasteca region sits roughly between the Gulf of Mexico on the east and the Sierra Madre Oriental on the west and from Rio Tuxpan in the south to Tampico (sometimes disputed) in the north. This region is home to the rhythmically complex music, Son Huasteco.

Rene Villanueva describes Son Huasteco in his book Cancionero de la Huasteca this way:

'The Son Huasteco is the perfect trinity: music, song and dance. Violin, jarana, haupanguera. The singing, total intensity, rips apart the imported couplet,  undoubtedly Spanish in origin, and mixes the local, indigenous-like. The falsetto bursts sharply into the peaks of a saeta" (a Spanish form of religious song with arabic roots).

From the cantinas to the cornfields, this music provides a soundtrack for richly varied lives with rhythms and lyrics filled with history, as current as today's headlines and as intimate as a personal feeling.

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